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Marilyn Johnson is a Global Ambassador who speaks with individuals, groups, and organizations all over the world, engaging attendees with her special understanding of leadership and empowerment. Marilyn has a unique ability to connect with Millennials, Young Professionals, Middle Managers, and C-Level Executives on topics including:

Leadership Development


Marilyn Johnson’s unique interactive approach to discussing leadership techniques will be inspirational and educational. She will review empirical data and share anecdotal evidence of successful leadership styles. Today’s businesses and organizations are managed by cross-functional teams. This presents new challenges for tomorrow’s leaders. Participants in these forums will be exposed to effective leadership techniques applicable in diverse organizations. Her comprehensive session uncovers derailment factors while her overviews offer persuasive, coercive, collaborative, and strategic leadership options.


Marilyn Johnson will overview Leadership Development for a team of business professionals and explain the effects of varied leadership styles. Her content will address diverse teams and will delve into an interactive discussion of persuasive, coercive, collaborative, and strategic leadership tactics. She will highlight the attributes of 21st Century leaders. Her focus will range from “absolute integrity to zealous interdependence.” She will share empirical and anecdotal evidence that helps establish future leadership strategies and accomplishes goals through the work of others. As she concludes her talk with Q&A, her audience will clarify their understanding of what it means to effectively lead.

Empowerment Conversations


Empowerment is essential to any and every organization’s success. Marilyn Johnson will lead a discussion on this topic by revealing the benefits and results of successful organizations, because of their mastery of this subject area. Her overview discussion motivates students to explore their own power and to be confident about their brilliance. They will leave the session “buzzing” about their feeling of power and will have the desire to empower others.


Empowerment through the eyes of this peripatetic executive is invaluable. Marilyn Johnson has traveled six of the seven continents and brings actual experience to this conversation. She overviews proven techniques of successful leaders and discusses the results of their impact which transforms business, organizations, and industries. Her overview will provide attendees with a platform to establish an atmosphere for open and sensitive discussions among those that they seek to empower.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion


“Step out of your comfort zone with confidence” is the quote that Marilyn Johnson “coined” when she first began addressing students. Multinational corporations are doing business in over 160 countries. Diversity has moved beyond moral imperative to strategic business imperative. Now, more than ever, students must focus on developing skills of inclusion. The alacrity and demeanor of cultural awareness is a differentiating talent/skill. Her talk will accentuate the brilliance of cross-race conversations.


For corporate leaders, NGOs, Public and Private Sector organizations, the conversation about diversity and inclusion with Marilyn Johnson will explore the “redefinition of success”. Making others successful is the essence of leadership. By identifying diverse value brought to each team, the hour spent on this topic will no doubt assist the 21st Century leader by aligning their heart, mind and soul. She welcomes questions and embraces interacting with her audience. Marilyn does not lecture. Rather, she captivates, inspires, and escorts the participants to a new “comfort zone”.

Past Engagements

Marilyn Johnson has spoken at hundreds of engagements during her career and is a sought after speaker throughout the world. A few of her past engagements include:

  • Global Summit of Women and Kitakyushu, Japan Mayor’s Conference on Women, Keynote Speaker
  • Hosted IWF World Leadership Conference  Atlanta, Georgia
  • 23rd Annual Global Summit of Women “Women Creating NEW Economics” – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 4th Annual Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Conference. Moderator of Panel: “Accountability: How to Win the Blame Game”
  • 3rd Annual African American Women’s Conference. Keynote: “Planning Effective Strategies for Future Success”
  • Texas Women Executives. Keynote: “Winning Leadership Strategies”
  • National Association of Women Business Owners. Keynote: “Diversity Equals Dollars”
  • Women’s Intercultural Exchange. Multicultural Conference Theme: “Bridging the Chasm”

Welcome to MarilynJSpeaks.com



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