Accolades & Testimonials

“Marilyn Johnson is one of the best and most effective public speakers I’ve ever heard — not just with American audiences, but also with international audiences (and I’ve heard her give speeches to groups in many countries).  She always does her homework, and invariably taps into a deep well of cultural and spiritual richness that invariably resonates with her audience. In addition to having a very sophisticated world view, reflective of her years with IBM, Marilyn is warm, engaging, charming, authentic, enlightening and uplifting, all at the same time.  She’s a wonderful global ambassador, and personifies grace.  Audiences you book her with will love her!”  

 – Virginia Littlejohn, President and CEO, Quantum Leaps, Inc., Global Advisor, WEConnect International

“Marilyn Johnson is one of the most gifted and powerful speakers to ever occupy our global stage.  At the International Women’s Forum, we have had the privilege to feature Marilyn as a speaker, a moderator and host at World Leadership Conferences, Executive Development Roundtables and major awards ceremonies across the globe.  With a powerful combination of communication skills, EQ and intellect to successfully lead complex exchanges with experts and world leaders while successfully reading an audience and the moment, she is a consummate professional.  With unmatched grace, presence and dignity, she takes any production from success to significance.”  

 – Lillie Richardella, CEO, International Women’s Forum

“I have to say, that Marilyn stood by me, through some of my most difficult times, always with a positive word and grand insight. She is not only a woman of high intellect, but one whose physical beauty reflects her inner beauty, and she IS beautiful. I find that when she walks into a room, her sheer presence elevates the energy in said room. She can speak with grace before thousands of people and work with grace in her own yard, I feel that she values both equally. She has been a part of our organization, as a board member, for many years and I am so happy that she chooses to remain as such. I love her as a friend and I adore her spirit.”  

 – Nada Stearns, Executive Director, One World Theatre

“I have known Marilyn for years.  She has always amazed me with her commitment to excellence, dedication to her clients and her determination to succeed.  I’ve always valued her opinion because I’ve seen the results in our industry.”   

 – Michael K. Robinson, IBM Procurement Executive

“Thank you so much for your inspirational speech at the GOLD conference and for attending my session! It really gave me the courage to move on, and I promise to make my maximum efforts to best give back to society. ”   

 – Mie Kajikawa, Founder, Sport For Smile

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